Effitus Herbal Cough Syrup

Effitus Herbal Cough Syrup Clinically Proven Formulation for Cough & Cold with highest effectivity in different kinds of cough problems like Dry Cough, Seasonal Cough, Allergic Cough & Smoker’s Cough.

Effitus Herbal Cough Syrup Contains established & highly proven herbal cough remedies like

Vasaka,Tulsi,Yashtimadhu, Pippali & Sunthi with honey that to in very concentration, which provide Anti-tussive,Anti-viral activity with Mucolytic & Mucokinetic actions,Which helps to expel cough.

Other components like,

Kantkari : highly effective in productive cough.
Marich : effective in congestion.
Adjoin : effective as anti-tussive.
Lavang : provides relier in sore throat irritation.
saindhav : highly effective as a mucolytic & mucokinetic.

Effitus Herbal Cough Syrup is enriched with honey which provides soothing effect in throat, ease breathing & induce a sense of well being

Effitus Cough Syrup is 100% safe,Non-sedative,Non-habit forming,Non-alcoholic,No drowsiness formula.

Effitus Cough Syrup available in delicious mint-flavored taste.


Effitus herbal cough syrup provides soothing effect in
* Allergic Cough
* Seasonal Cough
* Dry irritating cough


Adults : 2 teaspoonful (10ml) 3-4 times a Day
Children : 1 teaspoonful (5ml) 3-4 times a Day
Or as per directed by the Physician


* 100ml syrup in PET bottle with outer Carton.
* 60ml syrup in PET bottle

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